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Rome Colosseum: History of the Gladiatorial Games 4/1/2013

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Following the suicide-death of Emperor Nero in 68 AD, a civil war divided the landscape of ancient Rome. After a tumultuous rise and fall of three successive emperors until the institutionalization of Emperor Vespasian, this went on to become the first acknowledged ruler of the Flavian Dynasty.


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To return peace and to distant his public image away from the highly despised Nero, Vespasian went on to construct several architectural projects this included the coliseum. After his unfortunate timing of death in 79 AD, his oldest son Titus continued to finish the construction on the Coliseum. It was officially open to the public a year later.


To celebrate the “grand opening”, Titus dedicated one hundred days of games for his father’s vision. 9,000 animals and hundreds of gladiators were participated

The gladiatorial games were an institution for 450 years, but started to fall from public favor around the 3rd century due to the rise of Christianity.




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